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Hot Shot Motorworks..... means "Quality by Design"

The Performance Products we design are a statement about Hot-Shot Motorworks and the way we observe the Harley Davidson Performance  World.  Precision Machining, State-of-the-Art Equipment and Attention to Detail are what we are all about.  The same attention to detail is what we use in the Research and Development of Performance Products for the Harley Davidson motorcycle.  From Cylinder Head/Camshaft Design to Ignition/Induction Systems... 

                   "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE".









We Specialize in the following Services:
*  Engine Rebuilding
*  Cylinder Head Porting
*   Bore & Hone Cylinders
*  Crankshaft Rebuilding and Balancing
*  Cam Bearing Hole Repairs
*  Complete Machine Shop Services



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