Machine Shop:


     You have heard the term "State-of-the-Art Equipment" from other companies that have a machine shop . . . . we wanted to show you some of the outstanding equipment used at Hot-Shot Motorworks to perform your required services.

     All of our Machine Work is Performed In-House so we can Control & Guarantee the Quality of Workmanship in a timely manner. Hot-Shot Motorworks also has a complete Research & Development department with the latest Computerized Engine Building & Design programs to Profile any Engine Combination Imaginable. Link this with our Cylinder Head Air Flow Testing & Dynamometer Equipment and it allows us to Check and Control all Parameters of Engine Profile and Design.


 Cylinder Head Machine


Vertical Power Stroke Cylinder Hone Machine


Fly Cutting Piston






Services Available:

* Alternator Ring Repair * Engine Case Repairs
* Big Bore Kit Installation * Engine Case Welding & Machining
* Blueprinted Engines * Flycut Valve Pockets
* Breather Valve Hole Repairing * Glass Beading
* Cam Plate Modifications * Heli-Arc Welding
* Cam Bearing Hole Repairs * Line Boring
* Complete Engine Machine Shop * Main Bearing Insert Repairs
* Computerized Camshaft Profiling * Oversize Valve & Seats
* Computerized Engine Designing * Porting & Flow Testing
* Crankshaft Balancing * Rod Rebuilding
* Crankshaft Truing & Welding * Rod Resizing
* Crankshaft Rebuilding * Rod Straightening
* Crankshaft Repairs * Spark Plug Hole Repairs
* Cylinder Boring & Sleeving *Timken Conversions
* Cylinder Head Rebuilding * Valve Guide Honing
* Cylinder Head Repairs  * Valve Guide Replacement
* Cylinder Head Surfacing & Milling * Valve Jobs
* Dyno Testing * Valve Seat Replacing
* Engine Building *  Valve Spring Seat Machining
* Engine Rebuilding * Valve Stem Seal Machining



We offer many more services than what is listed.  Call for assistance and pricing.